Author Coaching

Let’s face it.  A book doesn’t write itself. It’s a labor of love that requires time, energy, and persistence. Some books take years to write and others little time at all—maybe just months. Author Coaching is available for all types of writers, and all genres, and all publishing goals. Our unique approach to Coaching at The Story Laboratory, with its foundation in a deep understanding of the creative process, can hone, support, and even accelerate the book writing process.
(1 hour sessions)

Writing, Editing, & Content Strategy for Businesses

As much as we love authors, we sincerely value the creative efforts required for entrepreneurship. And, technically, an author is really a creative entrepreneur, too! At The Story Laboratory, we see all entrepreneurs as creatives, and all creatives as entrepreneurs. And every mission has its story. How can we help tell yours? Maybe a white paper is the way to go. Perhaps marketing collateral can help spread the word. Or, maybe reinvigorating blog content could help drive traffic and interest. If your website needs a refresh, we can do that, too. Think of The Story Laboratory as a one-stop shop for all channels of communication.
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