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Developmental Editing

Ideas are everywhere. And a book can be written in a million different ways. So how do you decide how to best present your idea? Developmental editing can focus an idea, shape it into an outline, and that turn an idea into a full-length book. It’s a process that further develops the key components of a book’s theme and message, can create character depth, and focus the research process for non-fiction works. (Project-specific quotes)

Author Coaching

Let’s face it.  A book doesn’t write itself. It’s a labor of love that requires time, energy, and persistence. Some books take years to write and others little time at all—maybe just months. Author Coaching is available for all types of writers, and all genres, and all publishing goals. Our unique approach to Coaching at The Story Laboratory, with its foundation in a deep understanding of the creative process, can hone, support, and even accelerate the book writing process. (1 hour sessions)

Query Letter Review

Securing a relationship with a literary agent is a process unto itself. A Query Letter is just an introduction that opens the door for that relationship to flourish. If you’re looking for an agent, a query letter review can change the way your words are received. (Flat Rate Fee)

Copy Editing

Copy Editing is a learned skill and a niche talent. After all, the language that a person uses is a reflection of they way they think. And how can another ever inhabit someone else’s mind? It seems impossible. But with a great command of language, significant changes to another’s sentences can still be made while preserving the tone and message of the person who wrote them. And, a stellar copy editor can also draw out and even enhance a writer’s message, even when a well-developed idea still has some elements of that are elusive. (Project-specific quotes)


A final polished work is not just a thing of creation, it’s a professional calling card. At some point or another, we’ve all sent a critical email only to find right after hitting the send button, it contained a typo. How mortifying! If your work is nearly ready to be released to the public, a proofread is the way to ensure that critical typo is nonexistent. (Project-specific quotes)

Writing, Editing, & Content Strategy for Businesses

As much as we love authors, we sincerely value the creative efforts required for entrepreneurship. And, technically, an author is really a creative entrepreneur, too! At The Story Laboratory, we see all entrepreneurs as creatives, and all creatives as entrepreneurs. And every mission has its story. How can we help tell yours? Maybe a white paper is the way to go. Perhaps marketing collateral can help spread the word. Or, maybe reinvigorating blog content could help drive traffic and interest. If your website needs a refresh, we can do that, too. Think of The Story Laboratory as a one-stop shop for all channels of communication. (Project-specific quotes)

Book Proposals

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, you’ll need a book proposal in order to publish traditionally. A well-written proposal can convince a publisher that you’re the perfect person for the topic you propose. And just as specific words are as important as the way in which they are spoken, so too should the right proposal be constructed in a way that best represents a work. The Story Laboratory can help assemble a proposal that will shout your message from the rooftops, and make it irresistible. (Flat Rate Fee)

Book Jacket Copy & Design

We all know the cliché—don’t judge a book by its cover. But truthfully, it’s hard not to do that. Have you ever been in a bookstore (Yes! They still exist!) and felt drawn to pick up a book because the cover was so compelling? Maybe you liked the color, or the shape of the design? Or maybe you can’t pinpoint why you picked it up, the book just seemed intriguing. Book jacket design is a specialty, and we believe that it’s not like other types of graphic design. It’s challenging to encapsulate a book’s title, theme, and key message, and make it marketable to a specific target audience. At The Story Laboratory, we deeply understand the design and business of book covers. (Project-specific quotes)

Curriculum & Training Materials

Teaching is not just a learned skill, but also an art. And research shows that people assimilate new information more easily when the information is embedded in artful storytelling. At The Story Laboratory we also understand the intricacies of editing curricular content, and the pedagogy behind it. Whether you have materials for a school or university, or training materials for a business or workshop, we can provide consulting and editing through all phases of the curriculum development process. (Project-specific quotes)

Technical Writing

Fueled by a love of language, and passionate about all types of content, Technical Writing occupies a special little space in our hearts at The Story Laboratory. Whether you’re a software developer or other type of engineer, we can build a technical story that elucidates the technical creation you’ve built. (Project-specific quotes)

Creative Writing Workshops

We’ve officially launched our first workshop! Check out Carolyn Cooke’s The Magic of Threes on our Workshops page.

Tools for Publication—Coming Soon

We’re busy behind the scenes polishing up some tools to enhance your writing and storytelling process. Check back soon for the launch of our store.